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Travelling Milly

Travelling Milly, the tales of Milly a mouse who loves to travel

Who is Travelling Milly?

The story of Travelling Milly began when Ellen desired a travelling companion who would tag along on her many adventures around the world. The very first journey was to Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada— where among all the puppets that Ellen brought along, Milly the Mouse would become the star favourite travelling partner to all of those who saw her. Thereafter, Ellen would combine her photography skills and passion for travelling to chronicle the pair’s many adventures through a regularly updated collection of puppets, posters, postcards, and photo books— otherwise known as the Travelling Milly series. Join Ellen and Milly on their journey to the world’s most breathtaking sights from at home and abroad!

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Travelling Milly in Iqaluit Nunavut

Travelling Milly on the Floe edge on Frobisher Bay Nunavut

While in Nunavut, Milly had a wonderful day boating with an Inuit family. Here is Milly walking on the Floe edge in Frobisher Bay. What an incredible adventure! 

Travelling Milly on the tundra in Nunavut

In summer the tundra explodes with the colour of many beautiful wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and mosses. Hiking and exploring the tundra was a highlight of Milly’s adventures in and around Iqaluit. Who doesn’t love to explore? 

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Travelling Milly In China

Travelling Milly at Jinshanling Great Wall of China

Milly chose to explore the Jinshanling Great Wall of China. It was a fantastic day hiking up and down the zigzagging wall through towers and ruins. What spectacular views! So many stairs…I wonder how many.

Leaning Tower of Suzhou

Is this picture of Milly slanted or is that pagoda leaning? Nicknamed the “Leaning Tower of China”, this pagoda located on Tiger Hill in Suzhou really is on a slant…just ask Milly.

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Travelling Milly in Japan

Travelling Milly at the scramble crossing in Shibuya Tokyo

In Shibuya Milly found herself at this incredible intersection, the Shibuya Scramble. Why scramble? When the lights change cars stop in all directions and pedestrians “scramble” across the road. Hundreds of people weaving across the road like a choreographed dance.

Travelling Milly at karaoke in Tokyo

Karaoke in Japan! Who wouldn’t want to try it? Milly did. Book your private Karaoke room and let the singing fun begin!

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