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About the Creator

Since her childhood, Ellen has been intrigued by puppets— and as a teenager, she had taught herself how to sew and craft her own creations. It wasn’t until she began crafting simple sock puppets for her own children that teachers began to ask her to design puppets for entire classrooms. What would spark from this newfound hobby was a firm belief in fostering spaces that would encourage both originality and creativity among people of all ages— two core values that would ultimately motivate Ellen to create her own line of hand and finger puppets to sell at craft shows in Ontario, including the One of a Kind Craft Show located in Toronto, Canada. These were the humble beginnings of what would eventually become El Puppet in 1994.  

Individually designed and handmade, Ellen’s original creations are inspired by nature, fantasy realms, and a passion for travelling the world. Much of the fun in designing puppets is finding just the right materials and fabrics for each puppet’s personality. Whether it’s fun fur, stretch velvet, fleece, silk, satin, cotton, felt, or velourall fabrics and materials are chosen with care and consideration to ensure a unique touch in each and every El Puppet character!

Let your fingers do the talking with El Puppet finger and hand puppets!